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Clara Oswald theory: Bad Wolf/Rose Tyler and Clara are somehow related

  • Bad Wolf was able to see all of time and space and mold it. (ep: Journey’s End)
  • Constant presence of roses around all three “versions” of Clara.
  • ‘The most important leaf in human history’ was from a Norway Maple. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). Darlig Ulv Stranden (a.k.a. Bad Wolf Bay) is located in Norway (ep: Doomsday / Journey’s End)
  • On 5 March 2005, Rose Tyler first met the Doctor. (ep: Rose) 5 March 2005 is also the date when Clara’s mother died. (ep: The Rings of Akhaten).
  • Clara is always wearing red clothes (or something red, like her bag in The Rings of Akhaten). Red is the color of most common roses.
  • The TARDIS doesn’t seem to like Clara (ep: The Rings of Akhaten). This may be due to the fact that she is an anomaly of the Universe. The same thing happened with Jack Harkness, since Bad Wolf gave him immortality. The TARDIS tried to shake Jack off (ep: Utopia).

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